Saturday, February 19, 2005

Saturday February 19, 2005

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From previous Log24.net entries:

Eight is a Gate:

“There is no highway in the sky.”
— Quotation attributed to
Albert Einstein.
(See Gotthard Günther’s website
“Achilles and the Tortoise, Part 2”.) 

“Don’t give up until you
Drink from the silver cup
And ride that highway in the sky.”
—  America, 1974    

In Hoc Signo:

“So put me on a highway….”
The Eagles, 1975  

Stephen Yablo, draft of
A Paradox of Existence,”
Nov. 8, 1998, section heading:

“III. Quine’s way or the highway”

From that section:

“Burgess & Rosen begin their book A Subject with No Object with a relevant fable:

Finally, after years of waiting, it is your turn to put a question to the Oracle of Philosophy…you humbly approach and ask the question that has been consuming you for as long as you can remember: ‘Tell me, O Oracle, what there is. What sorts of things exist?’ To this the Oracle responds: ‘What? You want the whole list? …I will tell you this: everything there is is concrete; nothing there is is abstract….’

Suppose we continue the fable a little. Impressed with what the Oracle has told you, you return to civilization to spread the concrete gospel. Your first stop is at [your school here]….”

The Concrete Gospel
of Donald E. Knuth:

In Hoc Signo
(from yesterday),
continued —

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This holy icon
appeared at
on August 22, 2003,
at the Stanford campus.

See also
Cognitive Blending
and the Two Cultures

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    Comment by Margita — Sunday, February 20, 2005 @ 10:01 AM

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