Tuesday, June 7, 2011

… Are Gods

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Robert A. Heinlein—

    "How about those empty universes?" I demanded.
    "Maybe they are places about which stories will be written
or maybe stories have already been told but aren't favorites
of us four, so we don't emerge close to their scenes.
But those are guesses. So far as my theory is concerned,
such Universes are 'null' — they don't count one way or the other.
We find our  universes."
    "Sharpie, you have just invented pantheistic multiperson solipsism.
I didn't think it was mathematically possible."
    "Zeb, anything  is mathematically possible."
    "Thanks, Jacob. Zebbie, 'solipsism' is a buzz word. I'm saying that
we've stumbled onto 'The Door in the Wall,' the one that leads to
the Land of Heart's Desire. I don't know how and have no use for
fancy rationalizations. I see a pattern; I'm not trying to explain it.
It just is ."

Ernest Hemingway—

"Isn't it pretty to think so?"

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