Saturday, January 8, 2005

Saturday January 8, 2005

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Splendor of the Light

The Beginning of a Story
by Guy Davenport

Lo Splendore della Luce a Bologna

“The locomotive bringing a trainload of philosophers to Bologna hissed and ground to a standstill in the long Appenine dusk to have its headlamps lit and to be dressed in the standards of the city and the university.”

Eclogues, by Guy Davenport
(Johns Hopkins paperbacks
   ed. edition, 1993, page 125)

Related material:

The train wreck at 12:50 pm local time (6:50 AM EST) Friday, Jan. 7, 2005, 25 miles north of Bologna.

A northbound freight train collided with a passenger train traveling south from Verona to Bologna.

From an essay on Davenport I found Friday morning, well before I learned on Friday afternoon (Eastern Standard Time) of the train wreck:

“A disciple of Ezra Pound, he adapts to the short story the ideogrammatic method of The Cantos, where a grammar of images, emblems, and symbols replaces that of logical sequence. This grammar allows for the grafting of particulars into a congeries of implied relation without subordination. In contrast to postmodernists, Davenport does not omit causal connection and linear narrative continuity for the sake of an aleatory play of signification but in order to intimate by combinational logic kinships and correspondences among eras, ideas and forces.”

— “When Novelists Become Cubists:
    The Prose Ideograms of Guy Davenport,”
by Andre Furlani

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