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This morning's previous post quoted a reader on the NY Times  "Stoner" series. A different Stoner story—

"Most mysteries begin in confusion and end in certainty; Pynchon likes to change this trajectory, so that what begins a mystery ends as pure chaos. (Well aware how frustrating some readers find this, Pynchon sets up a running gag in Inherent Vice  about a class action suit brought against MGM by audiences who don't like the way its stories end.)"

Sarah Churchwell in the Guardian , Sunday, July 26, 2009

For a pure-chaos ending that can't be blamed on MGM, see this morning's online New York Times .

A perhaps happier ending— That of the author of the Irish Wine  trilogy, Dick Wimmer, who died on Wednesday.  We may imagine Wimmer enjoying the afterlife with Bing and Grace. See Log24 on the date of the above Guardian  review.

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