Tuesday, December 7, 2004

Tuesday December 7, 2004

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White Christmas

Starring W. V. Quine as
the Ghost of Christmas Past

“Birthday, death-day —
   what day is not both?”
   — John Updike

“We tell ourselves stories in order to live….

We interpret what we see, select the most workable of multiple choices. We live entirely, especially if we are writers, by the imposition of a narrative line upon disparate images, by the ‘ideas’ with which we have learned to freeze the shifting phantasmagoria which is our actual experience.

Or at least we do for a while. I am talking here about a time when I began to doubt the premises of all the stories I had ever told myself, a common condition but one I found troubling.”

Joan Didion, The White Album

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Quine’s Shema


  1. so you go/went to harvard? Well I am going to assume you do, since you are in the harvard blogring. If not , ignore the following post, just pretend I’m giving you random eprops for your site. Anyways, I was considering Harvard, but sometimes, I think that it is just a reputation, and I’m scared that it is a university without a soul. I mean, rich kids that just want high paying jobs. It has been my dream since 8th grade, becuase Michael Crichton is my hero, but I don’t know if it is right for me, or, whatever. Just please leave me a comment on what you like/dislike/randomly remember about harvard and the experience. Much thanks.

    ~ annoying kid pleading for advice.

    we learned that factorial thing in class last week. hooray for precal

    Comment by The_Muse_Melete — Tuesday, December 7, 2004 @ 5:09 PM

  2. Or you can be like me, a writer with an over active imagination that makes up fantastical endings to the most mundane stories.   🙂

    By the way Harvard is overrated, one will be brilliant, or not, no matter where one goes to school. I love the irony, however, because it took me years to learn that.   😉

    Comment by NickyJett — Tuesday, December 7, 2004 @ 8:22 PM

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