Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Wednesday December 15, 2004

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Judeo-Christian Heritage:
The Wiener Kreis

The meditation below was suggested by this passage:

“… the belief that any sensible discourse had to be formulated within the rules of the scientific language, avoiding the non sense of the ordinary language. This belief, initially expressed by Wittgenstein as aphorisms, was later formalized by the Wiener Kreis [Vienna Circle] as a ‘logical construction of the world’….”

“Deeply Vulgar”

— Epithet applied in 2003 to
Harvard President Lawrence Summers.

“Examples are the stained-glass
windows of knowledge.”
— Vladimir Nabokov


In today’s Crimson:
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Only moderately vulgar, with its sniggering pop-culture reference. But it  should be
Professor of Law.



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Those seeking relief from
Judeo-Christian vulgarity may enjoy
the Buddhist Suzanne Vega’s

Songs in Red and Gray.”

“Mercilessly tasteful”
— Andrew Mueller

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