Monday, May 9, 2011


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This morning's post has the following from Borges—

"Yo sé de un laberinto griego que es una línea única, recta."
 —Borges, "La Muerte y la Brújula"

This suggests a search for "bruja brújula" (witch compass).

The search yields a Facebook page that leads, in turn, to Lhasa de Sela


A search for material in this journal from the date of her death, 1/1/10, yields

The Celestine Dream, with its text on Doctor Parnassus  and its image from Shutter Island

     Click to enlarge this item from Christmas 2009.

All this is by way of commentary on the April-30-to-May-1 Walpurgisnacht-to-May-Day scenes in Disney's Fantasia … which I watched last night.

I had not known anything about Lhasa de Sela until this morning, but in the combined context of Fantasia  and of Russia's Victory Day observances today, her song "Los Peces" seems worth noting.

* For the title, see Celestine Bohlen on the Bolshoi Ballet.

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