Friday, November 5, 2004

Friday November 5, 2004

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New Journalism 101:
The Rhetorical Question

Art critic Holland Cotter in today’s New York Times on the work of a contemporary artist:

“Although much of this art is intuitive in origin, an on-the-spot response to materials, little of it can be described as whimsical. Some of it is uninnocently weird: several of the dozens of small, labor-intensive pieces seem to be invaded by a creeping mold, or stained with organic substances, including blood.

Indeed, like Mozart’s opera, the work as a whole eludes conventional categories. Is ‘The Magic Flute’ a musical comedy, a redemptive pageant or a moral tract? Is it darling or dark? Is Mr. Tuttle doing drawing, collage, painting or sculpture? Process Art or Conceptual Art? Or something else? Are the results art about art, or art about everything, including art?”

Who gives a rat’s ass?

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