Thursday, November 11, 2004

Thursday November 11, 2004

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From the profile of
psifenix at livejournal.com:

"Perhaps I shall embrace Islam.
Its standards for poetry
seem very high."

— Susan Voight in the novel
Freedom & Necessity,
by Emma Bull and Steven Brust

From psifenix
at livejournal.com
on Oct. 3, 2004:

"S4 is the one true God,
and C2×C2 is
His [normal] prophet."


"Group theory is so beautiful. If I ever get the chance to go back in time or mess with an agrarian civilization, I'm going to try to get them to worship finite groups of small order. Why? Symmetry is nice, and you can turn groups into pretty pictures, too… Each group could represent an attribute of god, and the nonabelian attributes would be the scary and wrathful ones. The prime cyclic groups could symbolize the cycles of life and death. And the trivial group would be the origin of all things!

I'm on crack, but that's okay!"



"You can turn groups
   into pretty pictures" —

IMAGE- 'Study of O' and 'Portrait of O' (the octahedral group)

Shown above are two ways of
picturing the octahedral group O,
also known as
the symmetric group S4.

For further details, see
Diamond Theory.

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