Monday, November 22, 2004

Monday November 22, 2004

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Lynchburg Law

From today’s New York Times:


The Rev. Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University [at Lynchburg, Virginia] is part of a movement around the nation that brings a religious perspective to the law.

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Sam Dean for The New York Times

The connection between the Bible and the law is part of the curriculum at Liberty, one of a number of new religiously oriented law schools.

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The Times’s photo (above) of books on the Bible and the law, apparently at Lynchburg, suggests a related book that may be of considerable value to the legal scholars there:

Charles Williams on the
Salem witchcraft trials:

“The afflicted children continued to testify; there entered into the cases what was called ‘spectral evidence,’ a declaration by the witness that he or she could see that else invisible shape before them, perhaps hurting them.  It was a very ancient tendency of witnesses, and it had occurred at a number of trials in Europe.”

Witchcraft, Meridian Books, Inc., New York,
1959 (first published 1941), page 281

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