Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Atlas Shrugged

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The title refers to an article in The Harvard Crimson , "Atlas to the Text," on March 8, 2011.


"Atlas to the Text," by Nicholas T. Rinehart —

"… a small set of undergraduates culminate their academic careers with a translation thesis. Ford is one such student, currently completing her edition of Euripides’ 'The Bacchae,' a Greek tragedy centered on the god Dionysus’ revenge against his mortal family."

Wikipedia on " The Bacchae"

"The guards return with Dionysus himself, disguised as his priest and the leader of the Asian maenads. Pentheus questions him, still not believing that Dionysus is a god. However, his questions reveal that he is deeply interested in the Dionysiac rites, which the stranger refuses to reveal fully to him. This greatly angers Pentheus, who has Dionysus locked up. However, being a god, he is quickly able to break free and creates more havoc, razing the palace of Pentheus to the ground in a giant earthquake and fire."

The illustration for the Crimson  article formed part of a post in this journal, Paradigms Lost, on March 10—


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