Saturday, October 16, 2004

Saturday October 16, 2004

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Up the River

The careful reader will note that the previous entry has two parts.

Part I, “Spain,” links to the home page of a Spaniard named Jesús.

Part II, “Take This Cup,” links to a page about a poet named César.

I found Jesús in a search for images of “Apocalypse Now” prompted in turn by earlier entries.

I knew of César from library browsing.

This afternoon, I looked at the home page of the site where I found the essay on César; this in turn led to another essay:

The Necessity For Story

by  Frederick Zackel

While it’s a story that’s never been written, a suggested title– Indiana Jones Sails Up The River Of Death–

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shows how readily we as individuals or we as a culture can automatically visualize a basic story motif. We may each see the particular elements of the story differently, but almost instantaneously we catch its drift.

The hero sails up the river of death to discover what lies within his own heart: i.e., how much moral and physical strength he has.

Indiana Jones sails up the River of Death.

We are following Indiana Jones up the River of Death. We’re going to visit with Colonel Kurtz. (You may not want to get off the boat.)

No, I am not mixing up metaphors.

These are the Story.

For what it’s worth, the birthday of Jesús is April 9… See the entry of April 9, 2003, “Hearts of Darkness.”

The birthday of César is March 16.  See the entry of March 16, 2003,  on the letter A… Here is the logo of the site where I found both César and “The Necessity For Story”–

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