Sunday, April 17, 2011

Annals of Search

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The following has rather mysteriously appeared in a search at Google Scholar for "Steven H. Cullinane."

[HTML] Romancing the Non-Euclidean Hyperspace
AB Story – Annals of Pure and Applied Logic, 2002 – m759.net

This turns out to be a link to a search within this weblog. I do not know why Google Scholar attributes the resulting web page to a journal article by "AB Story" or why it drew the title from a post within the search and applied it to the entire list of posts found. I am, however, happy with the result— a Palm Sunday surprise with an eclectic mixture of styles that might please the late Robert de Marrais.

I hope the late George Temple would also be pleased. He appears in "Romancing" as a resident of Quarr Abbey, a Benedictine monastery.

The remarks by Martin Hyland quoted in connection with Temple's work are of particular interest in light of the Pope's Christmas remark on mathematics quoted here yesterday.

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