Saturday, September 25, 2004

Saturday September 25, 2004

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Writings for
Yom Kippur

by Borges and God:

Thirsty for knowing what God knows,
Juda Loew devoted himself to permutations
of letters and complex variations

New York State Lottery,
evening, Sept. 24, 2004:  185

and finally said the Name which is the Key…

New York State Lottery,
midday, Sept. 25, 2004:   673.

On 185:

See Wittgenstein’s Philosophical Investigations (PI), section 185, on the nature of rules.

On 673:

See the following works:

Moral of these writings, thanks to Gregory Chaitin:

“Mais quand une regle est fort composée, ce qui luy est conforme, passe pour irrégulier.”

[But when a rule is extremely complex, that which conforms to it passes for random.]

— Leibniz, Discours de métaphysique, VI, 1686

See also the previous entry, High Holy Hexagram, and Pi continued.

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