Friday, March 25, 2011

Combinatorial Delight

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See Margaret Atwood in this journal.

This link was suggested by the phrase "combinatorial* delight" in last night's quote from Nabokov, which also appears in Douglas Glover's review essay, "Her Life Entire," in Books in Canada , Volume 17, Number 7, October 1988—

Cat's Eye  is Atwood's seventh novel. It is dense, intricate, and superb, as thematically diverse and complex as anything she has written. It is what you might expect from a writer at mid-career, mid-life: a portrait of the artist, a summation of what she knows about art and people. It is also an Atwoodian Under the Volcano , a vision of Toronto as Hell.

See also Under the Volcano  and Toronto in this journal.

"Right through hell there is a path." –Under the Volcano

* Update: Corrected on Dec. 13, 2014, to "combinational  delight."

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