Sunday, August 1, 2004

Sunday August 1, 2004

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Poll Result

From USA Today
8/1/2004 1:20-1:30 PM

Bush 50%, Kerry 46%,

in a Friday-Saturday
poll of likely voters.

Before the Democratic convention, which ended Thursday night, Bush and Kerry were essentially tied.

From a July 12 Log24 entry:

Democratic Political Art:
Motherhood and Apple Pie

The image “http://www.log24.com/log/pix04A/040712-Ikex3.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. 

“It was… a stunning result, the first time in the Gallup Poll since the 1972 Democratic convention that a candidate seemed to lose ground at his convention.”

— Susan Page, USA TODAY

Added at 10 PM ET Aug. 1:

The Susan Page story has been altered since 1:30 PM, and no longer calls the above “a stunning result.”  For the original story, see this Google Groups search.

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