Saturday, August 7, 2004

Saturday August 7, 2004

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Ian Lee on the communion of saints and the association of ideas (in The Third Word War, 1978) 

"The association is the idea"

Herman Melville on the association of ideas:

"In me, many worthies recline, and converse."

Stephen Hunter yesterday on the protagonist of the new film Collateral:

"He dresses Italian, shoots German (suits by Versace, pistol by Heckler & Koch), talks like Norman Mailer's White Negro and improvises brilliantly."  

Anagram by Dante (Filipponi, that is) on the name of Gianni Versace:

Can Give a Siren

Sirens, true sirens verily be,
Sirens, waylayers in the sea.

— Herman Melville, quoted
early yesterday by stephenhoy

Siren and White Negro:

See Gates's essay on
Anatole Broyard and
the log24 Bastille Day
on Mr. Motley's

"… there are many associations of ideas which do not correspond to any actual connection of cause and effect in the world of phenomena…."

— John Fiske, "The Primeval Ghost-World," quoted in the Heckler & Coch weblog

And, finally, brilliance:

Fark News yesterday:

"Disrespectful look causes shootout in Houston. Gang telepathy classes enrolling soon."

Log24 entry of Sept. 28, 2003: 

Spirit of East St. Louis

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