Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Wednesday July 28, 2004

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The Freshmen, Part II

From the Daily Princetonian,
Feb. 3, 2004


Caption: Cate Edwards’ Princeton friends support her and her father.

“… when Sen. John Edwards, father of Cate Edwards ’04, decided to run for president, the troop of 17 students sacrificed tans and theses to pile into a fleet of minivans headed to New Hampshire….

    These volunteers… were on a first name basis with the man who had helped them move into freshman dorm rooms and had discussed Senate votes with them over Chinese food.”

Log24 May 22, 2004:

From Chuck Polisher’s
I Ching Lexicon

“It’s claimed that
if you take a mirror
and look backwards
into a well,
you’ll see your future
down in the water.”

Cold Mountain,
     Vintage paperback, 1998,
page 48

“Goin’ to Carolina in my mind…”
— James Taylor

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