Friday, May 21, 2004

Friday May 21, 2004

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Parable, Part II

The juxtaposition in this morning’s Google news of the two wedding stories below calls for some commentary.  The best I can do is the illustrations above the wedding stories, along with a link to some of the best Romani music I have ever heard, from

La Perla de Cadiz.

See also this morning’s comments
on a May 24, 2003, entry
regarding the Dark Lady,
as well as the following
classic remarks by Jack Kerouac:

“So what do we all do in this life which comes on so much like an empty voidness yet warns us that we will die in pain, decay, old age, horror—?  Hemingway called it a dirty trick.  It might even be an ancient Ordeal laid down on us by an evil Inquisitor in Space, like the ordeal of the sieve and scissors, or even the water ordeal where they dump you in the water with toes tied to thumbs, O God— Only Lucifer could be so mean and I am Lucifer and I’m not that mean, in fact Lucifer goes to Heaven— The warm lips against warm necks in beds all over the world trying to get out of the dirty Ordeal by Death—

When Ben and I sober up I say ‘How goes it with all that horror everywhere?’

‘It’s Mother Kali dancing around to eat up everything she gave birth to, eats it right back—  She wears dazzling dancing jewels and covered all over with silks and decorations and feathers, her dance maddens men, the only part of her aint covered is her vagina which is surrounded with a Mandala Crown of jade, lapis lazuli, cornelean, red pearls and mother of pearl.’

‘No diamonds.’

‘No, that’s beyond…’ “

Desolation Angels,
1960-65, Book Two, Chapter 79

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  1. You rock. Thanks again for the support.

    Comment by Margita — Friday, May 21, 2004 @ 7:30 PM

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