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An Ode to the Unity of Time and Space 

Time, ah, time,
how you go off like this!

Physical things, ah, things,
so abundant you are!

The Ruo’s waters are three thousand,
how can they not have the same source?

Time and space are one body,
mind and things sustain each other.

Time, o time,
does not time come again?

Heaven, o heaven,
how many are the appearances of heaven!

From ancient days constantly shiftling on,
black holes flaring up.

Time and space are one body,
is it without end?

Great indeed
is the riddle of the universe.

Beautiful indeed
is the source of truth.

To quantize space and time
the smartest are nothing.

To measure the Great Universe with a long thin tube
the learning is vast.
                                 By Shing-Tung Yau

时乎时乎 逝何如此
物乎物乎 繁何如斯
弱水三千 岂非同源
时空一体 心物互存
时兮时兮 时不再欤
天兮天兮 天何多容
亘古恒迁 黑洞冥冥
时空一体 其无尽耶
大哉大哉 宇宙之谜
美哉美哉 真理之源
时空量化 智者无何
管测大块 学也洋洋 

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