Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Tuesday April 27, 2004

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The Whisper

Two interviews by Rebecca Murray —

Interview with Sofia Coppola, who won an Oscar for the screenplay of Lost in Translation: 

Did you write that character with Bill Murray in mind?
I did. I was definitely picturing him and I definitely wrote it for him. I couldn’t really think of anyone else.

Interview with Bill Murray, costar — with Scarlett Johansson — of Lost in Translation:

Your character whispers something to Scarlett’s character in a crucial scene. Can we know what you said?
You never will.

True.  But we can imagine.

Hint 1: The publication date for
Kierkegaard’s Works of Love
in a sixties paperback edition:
November 7, 1964
(See Directions Out)

Hint 2: The above photo
of Scarlett Johansson
just walking down the street

Hint 3: The top 10 songs
of November 7, 1964

Final hint: It’s a song title.



  1. Now *that’s comedy.*

    Comment by HomerTheBrave — Tuesday, April 27, 2004 @ 3:17 AM

  2. Oh, crap. The link didn’t work.

    Comment by HomerTheBrave — Tuesday, April 27, 2004 @ 3:19 AM

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