Friday, December 17, 2010

Time and Chance

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New York Lottery yesterday, December 16, 2010— midday 282, evening 297.

Suggested by a Jesuit commentary that mentions the midday number —

Page 282 of Encyclopaedia of Religion and Ethics , Volume 2,
edited by James Hastings, John Alexander Selbie, and Louis Herbert Gray,
New York, Charles Scribner's Sons, 1910 —

"Philosophy seeks not absolute first principles, nor yet purely immediate insights,
but the self-mediation of the system of truth, and an insight into this self-mediation.
Axioms, in the language of modern theory, are best defined, neither as certainties
nor as absolutely first principles, but as those principles which are used as the first
in a special theory.

LITERATURE — A complete view of the literature of the problems
regarding axioms is impossible, since the topic is connected with all
the fundamental philosophical issues….  JOSIAH ROYCE"

Suggested by the evening number, 297, and by Amy Adams (see previous post) —

Dream of Heaven

See also a cartoon version of Russell and Whitehead discussing axioms.

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