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Forgive Us Our Transgressions

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Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society

"Recent Advances in the Langlands Program"

Author(s):  Edward Frenkel
Journal:     Bull. Amer. Math. Soc. 41 (2004), 151-184.
Posted:     January 8, 2004

Item in the references:

[La5] G. Laumon, La correspondance de Langlands sur les corps de fonctions  (d'après Laurent
La fforgue), Séminaire Bourbaki, Exp. No. 973, Preprint math.AG/0003131.



Related material— Peter Woit 's post on Frenkel today—

"Math Research Institute, Art, Politics, Transgressive Sex and Geometric Langlands."

See also an item from a Google search on " 'nit-picking' + Bourbaki "—

White Cube — Jake & Dinos Chapman 

Fucking Hell is not, evidently, a realistic (much less nit-picking ) account of the ….
The following link enables you to pan virtually around the Bourbaki
www.whitecube.com/artists/chapman/texts/154/ – Cached

— as well as a search for "White Cube" in this journal.

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