Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Tuesday February 10, 2004

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George W. Bush,

Part I:


2:09 PM PST, February 9, 2004

President’s Economic Report
Endorses Export of Jobs

By Warren Vieth and Edwin Chen,
Los Angeles Times Staff Writers

WASHINGTON — The movement of American factory jobs and white-collar work to other countries is part of a positive transformation that will enrich the U.S. economy over time, even if it causes short-term pain and dislocation, the Bush administration said today.

The embrace of foreign “outsourcing,” an accelerating trend that has contributed to U.S. job losses in recent years and has become an issue in the 2004 elections, is contained in the president’s annual report to Congress on the health of the U.S. economy….

Although trade expansion inevitably hurts some workers, it says, the benefits will eventually outweigh the costs as Americans are able to buy goods and services at lower costs and as jobs are created in growing sectors of the economy.

The report endorses the relatively new phenomenon of outsourcing high-end white-collar work to India and other countries, a trend that has created concern within affected professions such as computer programming and medical diagnostics.

Part II:

A search on liberal “free trade” leads to the following quote:

“One of the central concepts of classical liberal economic thought is the superiority of free trade over protectionism.”

Therefore George W. Bush, by courageously advocating free trade despite its political unpopularity, is a classic liberal.

Part III:

Context for the above quote:

The Liberal Agenda for the 21st Century

George W. Bush’s free-trade policy
fits right in.

Part IV:

The Conservative Alternative…

Patrick J. Buchanan,

author of “The Death of Manufacturing

and A Republic, Not an Empire.

“Let it be said: George Bush is beatable. He has no explanation and no cure for the hemorrhaging of manufacturing jobs at Depression rates, no plan to stop the outsourcing of white-collar jobs to Asia, no desire or will to stop the invasion from Mexico.

Yet, he remains a favorite against Kerry, because Kerry has no answers, either. Both are globalists. Both are free-traders. Both favor open borders. Again, it needs to be said:  There is no conservative party in America.”

Patrick J. Buchanan, Feb. 2, 2004

Not yet, there isn’t.

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  1. The UK economy is also “suffering” from outsourcing, that is mainly, at the minute, the movement of Call Centre/Customer Service jobs to INDIA.

    I look at US politics with some ammusement. George Bush has this “comic” personification, although I doubt that this is really the case (even though your own people “enhance” that belief over here). But the battles that go on, through out the States, one by one, to pick the “official” oppositon. Millions of Dollars. Campaign Meetings. All to pick one man.

    I, for one, cann’t believe that anyone can afford to waste that sort of money.

    Comment by smudger59kes — Thursday, February 12, 2004 @ 1:48 PM

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