Thursday, February 26, 2004

Thursday February 26, 2004

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ART WARS at Harvard

From today’s Harvard Crimson:

“The VES [Visual and Environmental Studies] department is still recovering, both internally and in public perception, from the firing of former chair Ellen Phelan in spring 2001. Phelan, a distinguished painter who brought in top New York artists, was replaced by Kenan Professor of English Marjorie Garber, an English scholar with no formal background in the practice of visual arts.”

Here’s more on Phelan and art at Harvard (rated R for colorful language).

See also Strike That Pose.

Follow-up from the Harvard Crimson,
Friday, Feb. 27, 2004:

Crimson/Gloria B. Ho
Harvard President
Lawrence H. Summers
struck a thoughtful pose
while meeting with students
last night.

By Lauren A. E. Schuker
Crimson Staff Writer

Summers… expressed his strong commitment to the visual and performing arts at Harvard.

“In many ways, the arts are the highest achievements of man,” Summers said, “and universities have always been focused on humanities.”

Summers added that he was concerned that there is a disparity between critiquing and creating works of art.

“You don’t have to be particularly accomplished to study macroeconomic theory or European history,” he said, “but you do if you want to study creative writing or musical performance. That is problematic.”

Summers also added that he hoped to see the University develop more respect for the arts and more “explicit academic evaluation” in the future.

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