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This journal on October 12 (the traditional Columbus day)—

"The text is a two-way mirror
that allows me to look into
the life and times of the reader."
The French Mathematician
   (Galois), by Tom Petsinis

It is not clear how this is supposed to work.

However, there is synchronicity and the New York Lottery—

October 12, 2010—

Midday 765, Evening 365 —

Life  and Times.


APRIL 25, 2008

From Log24 on April 21, the date of Mark Twain’s death–

Psychoshop,  by Alfred Bester and Roger Zelazny:

His manner was all charm and grace; pure cafe society….

He purred a chuckle. “My place. If you want to come, I’ll show you.”

“Love to. The Luogo Nero? The Black Place?”

“That’s what the locals call it. It’s really Buoco Nero, the Black Hole.”

“Like the Black Hole of Calcutta?”

“No. Black Hole as in astronomy. Corpse of a dead star, but also channel between this universe and its next-door neighbor.”

The Pennsylvania Lottery
yesterday, April 24, 2008:

Mid-day 923, Evening 765….

and hence Log24, 9/23 (2007), and page 765 of From Here to Eternity  (Delta paperback, 1998):

He stayed that way for eight days, never what you could really call drunk, but certainly never anywhere near sober, and always with a bottle of Georgette’s expensive scotch in one hand and a glass in the other. He did not talk at all except to say “Yes” or “No,” mostly “No,” when confronted with a direct question, and he never ate anything when they were there. It was like living in the same house with a dead person.


See "Seasons of Love" from the musical "Rent."

See also Mark 15:38— "And the veil of the temple…"

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