Saturday, November 15, 2003

Saturday November 15, 2003

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From the
Empty Center:

From Friday’s 2:56 AM entry —

Philip K. Dick,
The Man in the High Castle:

“Sun at the top.
Tui at the bottom.
Empty in the center.”

“Do you know
what hexagram that is?”
she said.
“Without using the chart?”

“Yes,” Hawthorne said.

“It’s Chung Fu,” Juliana said.
“Inner Truth. I know
without using the chart, too.
And I know what it means.”

Margo Jefferson in
today’s NY Times

“When a classical text is modernized,
what matters is imaginative logic.
Is the transformation coherent?
Does it enhance the power
of the past and present?
I say yes to both questions.”

Today’s previous entry, “Aes Triplex,” is actually from 1:48 PM EST yesterday.  (It was posted to my alternate site, log24.com, since log24.net was down for Xanga maintenance.)  “Aes Triplex” deals with image and reality.

Its final link, to the heart of Rome, leads to Julius Caesar.

A related review in today’s New York Times:

The opening paragraph:

“We live in a media maelstrom, and the Moonwork theater company’s ‘Julius Caesar’ comes hurtling toward us right from its center. This production, at the Connelly Theater in the East Village through Nov. 23, is set in the here and now.


‘Julius Caesar’ is about politics, rhetoric and power; about manipulation of a nation’s image and its people; about conspiracy, murder and the war that leads to a new regime. What play is better suited for our times?”

Margo Jefferson

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