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In memory of Kevin McCarthy, who died on Saturday, September 11

From a 9/11 post

Anthony Hopkins at Dolly's Little Diner in Slipstream

Sir Anthony Hopkins in "Slipstream." See "Home from Home."

From Script-O-Rama, dialogue from "Slipstream" —

My God, this place
must be a million years old.

Will that be it, sweetie?

I think this gentleman's next.

No, sir. You're next.

Thank you.

That'll be $1.35.



That's all?

Did you want to pay more?

No, it's just so cheap.

That's the way it is out here,
sweetie, free and easy.

Yes, sirree, home on the range
where the buffalo roam,
The deer and the antelope play.

Dolly's Little Diner.
Home from home.

Home from home.

See also "Kevin McCarthy" in this journal.

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