Friday, September 5, 2003

Friday September 5, 2003

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For Grace Paley:
An Enormous Change
at the Last Minute
(of September 5)

Hexagram 59 of the I Ching comprises the trigrams for wind and water (as in the environmental art of Feng Shui).

The name of the hexagram, Huan, means dispersion or dissolution.

The character Huan may be written as shown at right above.  The picture of the character Huan is taken from

The LiSe Heyboer I Ching.

Essentially the same picture is shown at

The Dan Stackhouse I Ching,

where it is explained as follows:

“At the top is a person or people , a flattened version of the more familiar . In the center an eye looks out from a cave or cavern. At the bottom a hand holds a stick or club as though ready to strike something. represents flowing water.”

The creature in the cave holding a club is reminiscent of my previous entry for today, on the “bone people,” or ancestors, of mankind.

For a transition, in the Kubrick 2001 style, to a more modern scene, see my next entry.

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