Monday, August 16, 2010

Utopia 14

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The following, from Wikipedia, is an image of Utopia 14, the 1954 paperback reissue of Kurt Vonnegut’s 1952 novel Player Piano.


Commentary from Wikipedia

“A player piano is a modified piano that ‘plays itself.’ The piano keys move according to a pattern of holes punched in an unwinding scroll…. Like its counterpart, a player piano can be played by hand as well. When a scroll is run through the ghost-operated instrument, the movement of its keys produce the illusion that an invisible performer is playing the instrument.”

See also last night’s “The Game“—

“One would call out, in the standardized abbreviations of their science, motifs or initial bars of classical compositions, whereupon the other had to respond with the continuation of the piece, or better still with a higher or lower voice, a contrasting theme, and so forth. It was an exercise in memory and improvisation….”

— as well as Vonnegut in this journal yesterday and the following from the August 14 post Iconic Notation

A question from Ivan Illich
(founder of CIDOC, the Center for Intercultural Documentation,
in Cuernavaca, Mexico)—

Who can be served by bridges to nowhere?

For more about nowhere, see Utopia.

For more about Cuernavaca and ghosts, see a recurring motif in this journal.

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