Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Cold Wind

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“Lord knows when the cold wind blows
it’ll turn your head around.”

— James Taylor, “Fire and Rain

Ricky Jay’s head turns around in “The Amazing Maleeni,”
episode 8 of season 7 of “The X-Files.”

“It was the middle of summer, but
the cold wind blew in full force.”

— David Kushner, Jonny Magic and the Card Shark Kids  

(Quoted here in House of Cards, June 11, 2014,
a post on magic, cards, and Multnomah County.)

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as well as the following Multnomah County story from yesterday’s
online NY Times :

Sky Captain*

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This is a post in memory of artist Otto Piene, who reportedly died
at 86 on Thursday, July 17, 2014, in Berlin.

*For the title, see Alternate Reality, a post of Saturday, July 19, 2014.
See also Piene and paradigms, and Paradigm Shift from the date of death
for Piene and Hartsfield.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Zone

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Wernher von Braun

See also The Zero Theorem in this journal.

Sunday, July 20, 2014


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“Tell it slant.” — Emily Dickinson

IMAGE- James Garner, NY Times obits

Saturday, July 19, 2014

More or Less by Chance

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From the date of Piene’s death —

See also Zero Theorem in this journal.

Zero Art

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“Zero is a group of artists founded by Heinz Mack and
Otto Piene….” — Wikipedia

“The title ZERO was the result of months of search
and was finally found more or less by chance.
From the beginning we looked upon the term
not as an expression of nihilism – or a dada-like gag,
but as a word indicating a zone of silence and of
pure possibilities for a new beginning as at the
count-down when rockets take off-  zero is the
incommensurable zone in which the old state turns
into the new.”

Otto Piene, 1964

Alternate Reality

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(Where Entertainment Is God , continued)

In memory of artist Otto Piene — a news item from last May
at the ZERO Foundation website on an exhibition that closes tomorrow —

Today is the opening of the exhibition ZERO — Zwischen Himmel und Erde
in Friedrichshafen. The Zeppelin Museum is showing wonderful artworks
all related to heaven and earth by various ZERO artists
such as Piene, Mack, Uecker, Klein, Luther, and Manzoni.
ZERO – Zwischen Himmel und Erde
Zeppelin Museum Friedrichshafen
15.05. – 20.07.2014


“Oh, show me the way to the next whiskey bar”
— Song lyric from previous post

“In a technologically advanced 1939, the zeppelin Hindenburg III
arrives in New York City, mooring atop the Empire State Building.”

— Wikipedia on the first scene of the 2004 film
Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow

Friday, July 18, 2014

Breakfast Song

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From The Thin White Duke:

“When I was living in my apartment in Berlin,
I would sing this at breakfast every morning.”

Oh, show me the way to the next whiskey bar
Oh, don’t ask why, no, don’t ask why
For we must find the next whiskey bar

Or if we don’t find the next whiskey bar
I tell you we must die, I tell you we must die
I tell you, I tell you, I tell you we must die

Read more:  David Bowie – Alabama Song Lyrics | MetroLyrics

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“Wir trauern um Otto Piene, der unerwartet am 17.7 in Berlin gestorben ist.” 

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