Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Art Wars

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In memory of art dealer Leslie Waddington, who
reportedly died at 81 on St. Andrew's Day, 2015, 
a search for "Terry Frost" in this journal.

Monday, September 8, 2003

Monday September 8, 2003

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Goodbye and Hello

Larry Rodgers
The Arizona Republic
Aug. 24, 2003 12:00 AM:

“If any musician can look death in the eye and smile, it’s California-based songwriter extraordinaire Warren Zevon.”

From April 7, 2003:

April is Math Awareness Month.
This year’s theme is “mathematics and art.”

From an entry yesterday on looking death in the eye and smiling:

Such serenity “is indestructible and only increases with age and nearness to death. It is the secret of beauty and the real substance of all art.”

Warren Zevon died yesterday.

From an entry earlier today on a circle of souls in the sun:

“they lovingly welcome two more into their company.”

Sun Tree
Terry Frost

Frost died on September 1.
The above picture by Frost is from

Modern British Artists.

Monday September 8, 2003

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ART WARS Sept. 1, 2003:

Sir Terry Frost Dies

A noted English abstract painter died at 87 on Monday, September 1.  From a memorial essay on Sir Terry Frost, born in 1915, in The Daily Telegraph: 

“He was educated at Leamington Spa Central School where he edited the art magazine, but left at 15 to work….” His first jobs included, the Telegraph says, painting “the red, white and blue targets on to fighter planes.”

The “target” the Telegraph refers to
is known as the Royal Air Force Roundel.

It may indeed have functioned as a target, but it was originally intended only as a distinctive identifying mark.

Some of Frost’s later work may be viewed at the British Government Art Collection.  For some of Frost’s work more closely related to his early “target” theme, see the Badcock’s Gallery site.

An example:


For related religious
and cinematic material, see

Pilate, Truth, and Friday the Thirteenth,

a meditation for Good Friday of 2001,

A Matter of Life and Death,

a meditation for Friday the Thirteenth
of September, 2002,


The Unity of Mathematics,

from the day Frost died, which concludes
with links related to the religious symbol of


Monolithic Form

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