Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Class of 64

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The previous post dealt with one of the 64 symbols
(in a redesigned format) of the ancient Chinese classic 
The I Ching .

For those who prefer to be guided by programmed
responses to alphabetical  symbols

A lyric by Ira Gershwin —

A cinematic "T"

See also "T for Texas" in this journal and
George Clooney's recent attempt to commercialize
both the space program and the letter Omega: 

From a post of May 13, 2015 —

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Tuesday January 20, 2004

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Time and Chance,
Part II:

Proposition Players


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pictures and
for details.


“Gimme a T for Texas,
  T for Tennessee.” 

(See previous entry.)

Tuesday January 20, 2004

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Song of the Father

The death of Max D. Barnes (previous entry) and the opening of the first Tennessee lottery suggested the following meditations.

Wikipedia on Jimmie Rodgers, known as the father of country music:

“Fundamentally, Rodgers was a white blues singer….”

A song by the father of country music:

T for Texas, T for Tennessee,
T for Texas, T for Tennessee,
T for Thelma, that gal
made a wreck out of me.

Gonna buy me a shotgun,
long as I am tall,
Buy me a shotgun,
long as I am tall,
Gonna shoot po’ Thelma,
just to see her jump and fall.

From Wikipedia:

“In modern Western popular music, call and response is most commonly found in the blues and in blues-derived music like jazz and rock’n’roll.”

If Rodgers’s song is the call, what, one wonders, would be the appropriate response?

Wednesday, July 9, 2003

Wednesday July 9, 2003

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T is for Texas

Gimme a T for Texas
— Jimmie Rodgers

T is for Texas” — Anne Bustard,
University of Texas at Austin

“From 1928 to 1933
he was chairman of the
Mount Rushmore
National Memorial Committee.”
Handbook of Texas Online
on Joseph Stephen Cullinan,
founder of Texaco

“‘Is this Hell? Or is this Texas?”
Job: A Comedy of Justice 

Tuesday, July 8, 2003

Tuesday July 8, 2003

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A Face in the Crowd

Six Dead in Mississippi Shooting 

“I’m gonna buy myself a shotgun,
 one with a long shiny barrel

Jimmie Rodgers,
   “Father of Country Music,”
   T for Texas” lyrics

Related material:

Jimmie Rodgers Museum, Meridian, MS

East Mississippi Insane Hospital, Meridian, MS

Location of East Mississippi Insane Hospital

Peace is Hell” — TIME, issue dated July 14, 2003

Gen. Sherman: ‘Meridian no longer exists!’  Well, he was wrong.” — Meridian Public Library

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