Friday, November 28, 2014

Words and Pictures

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Continued from Finder (Sept. 23, 2014)

"I wrote another book!" — Harlan Kane

From an online NY Times  obituary this morning :

"At Newsweek, Mr. Bernstein and other top editors
became known as the Flying Wallendas for
managing tasks on deadline with the seeming ease
of the famed trapeze artists. In a tribute, staff
members framed a circus poster of the high-wire
troupe and hung it in his office." 

Wikipedia on Bernstein's son-in-law :

"Married to New York Times  correspondent Nina Bernstein,
Huyssen is also a longtime friend of Nobel Prize-winning
Turkish novelist Orhan Pamuk, and often hosts him when
the writer comes to the US. The two teach an undergraduate
class together at Columbia called 'Words and Pictures,'
which examines problems of visual representation in literature,
particularly theories of ekphrasis."

Ekphrasis for Bernsteins:

The Wonder Show of the World!

See also Miniature Prize —

Snow globe


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