Saturday, September 10, 2005

Saturday September 10, 2005

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Rhythm of the Saints, continued:

“When asked which words in the English language are the most difficult to define precisely, a lexicographer would surely mention funky.”


Lutheran Rhythm, continued:

Funk, Wagnalls, and Company*

“Founded by Isaac Kaufmann Funk, a Lutheran minister who in 1876 began editing and publishing two magazines, The Homiletic Review and The Voice, the latter for the Prohibition Party. Unfortunately, neither magazine paid its way. The following year he teamed with [one of his classmates at Wittenberg College] A.W. Wagnalls, a lawyer and accountant, who got Funk on sounder financial footing.  They began by publishing pamphlets and booklets for the clergy, mostly commentaries on the Bible.”

Major American Publishers and Wikipedia

* Company: “The Grateful Dead”– “a name chosen at random from a dictionary– some claim it was a Funk & Wagnalls, others an Oxford Dictionary– by Jerry Garcia


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