Monday, September 19, 2005

Monday September 19, 2005

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The Randomness

In yesterday’s New York Times, science writer George Johnson quoted a Buddhist:

“Though he professes to accept evolutionary theory, he recoils at one of its most basic tenets: that the mutations that provide the raw material for natural selection occur at random. Look deeply enough, he suggests, and the randomness will turn out to be complexity in disguise– ‘hidden causality,’ the Buddha’s smile. There you have it, Eastern religion’s version of intelligent design.”

“The Universe in a Single Atom”: Reason and Faith

God’s Sermon:
The Randomness

NY lottery
PA lottery
Midday:  748 Midday:  999
Evening: 000 Evening: 709

Gamblers, religious zealots, and the insane may interpret the above as utterances of Lady Luck, God, or The Conspiracy.

A Buddhist interpretation for the New York Times:

748 is the address of
the New Orleans Zen Temple, and
000 is of course a symbol of Nirvana.

A Christian interpretation for the home state of Grace Kelly:

999 = “fullness,”
709 = 7/09 = “multitude,”
with “fullness” and “multitude”
as in the Log24 entry of
St. Luke’s Day, 2004.

See also the previous entry,
Barging In.

Update of 7:11 PM EDT:
Barging In, Part II is on
Turner Movie Classics at 8 PM EDT.

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