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An Abstract Window

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The sliding window in blue below


Click for the web page shown.

is an example of a more general concept.

Such a sliding window,* if one-dimensional of length n , can be applied to a sequence of 0's and 1's to yield a sequence of n-dimensional vectors. For example— an "m-sequence" (where the "m" stands for "maximum length") of length 63 can be scanned by a length-6 sliding window to yield all possible 6-dimensional binary vectors except (0,0,0,0,0,0).

For details, see A Galois Field


The image is from Bert Jagers at his page on the Galois field GF(64) that he links to as "A Field of Honor."

For a discussion of the m-sequence shown in circular form above, see Jagers's  "Pseudo-Random Sequences from GF(64)." Here is a noncircular version of the length-63 m-sequence described by Jagers (with length scale below)—


This m-sequence may be viewed as a condensed version of 63 of the 64 I Ching  hexagrams. (See related material in this journal.)

For a more literary approach to the window concept, see The Seventh Symbol (scroll down after clicking).

* Moving windows also appear (in a different way) In image processing, as convolution kernels .

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