Saturday, October 22, 2011


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"Put me on to Edenville." — James Joyce, quoted in today's noon post.

The New Yorker 's Book Bench quotes a college essay on "The Shining"—

"In the Gold Room, the fatally disconnected under-zone of play,
he finds a fin-de-siècle soirée in progress; after a drink of
Jack Daniels, he dances about for a bit—if you will,
a cha-cha on the floor of the Grand Hotel Abyss."

If you will! You probably won’t.

Then again…



Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Wednesday July 11, 2007

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… And One More  
 for the Road

In memory of Doug Marlette,
cartoonist and author
of Magic Time.

Marlette died in a highway
accident yesterday at about
10 AM CT.  He was
"on his way to Oxford
[Mississippi]… to help a
troupe of high school students
put on a play based on
his nationally syndicated
comic strip, Kudzu."

Chris Joyner,
Jackson, Mississippi

  Log24 yesterday,
7:59 AM ET:

Mary Karr,
"Facing Altars:
    Poetry and Prayer"–

"There is a body
on the cross  
 in my church."

Church, by Doug Marlette

Kudzu, by Doug Marlette

"I started kneeling to pray morning and night– spitefully at first, in a bitter pout. The truth is, I still fancied the idea that glugging down Jack Daniels would stay my turmoil, but doing so had resulted in my car hurtling into stuff." Mary Karr

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